Description of ClockSynchro 1.2

          ClockSynchro software is the best way to synchronize time on computers in local network. The network may be not connected to Internet. ClockSynchro software contains server and client parts: ClockSynchroServer and ClockSynchroClient.

          ClockSynchro software doesn’t use ntp protocol, for data transfer between server and clients UDP/IP protocol is used. Program is easy-to-use, has user-friendly interface and doesn’t require difficult settings. To work with program just install ClockSynchroServer on synchronization server in your local network, ClockSynchroClient on another computers in network and enjoy!

           Click here to download ClockSynchro software v.1.2 trial version. You can use trial version for 30 days. Then you can buy license.







        If you use operating system without user account control (UAC) (MS Windows 2000 or XP) ClockSynchroClient will start automatically.

        If you use operating system with user account control (UAC) (MS Windows Vista, 7, 8) you should add ClockSynchroClient to "task sheduler" to start it automatically (type "taskschd.msc" in command line) or disable UAC.

       ClockSynchroServer will start automatically on all operating systems.